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Hey There,

I am here to encourage you! The stress that you feel. Oh I know, you say, I am not stressed–but, you are stressed and you have learned to manage your stress to the point that you ignore the warning signs. 

Engaging the service and support of Victory Educational Solutions will help you to learn how to experience the VICTORY in every area of your life without the stress associated with being a Workaholic.  

All About Me? Yes and NO, because it is only about me, as I am about YOU! Remember this, and believe it because this is true.

Dear you,

Yes, it is you that I am writing to. I was you not too long ago and I owe it to you to tell you the truth. You are a workaholic. It saddens me deeply to think how much we give to companies, institutions and organizations and yet, it is never enough and truthfully, we do not think that we have done enough. So, this two-way mirror staring us both in the face right now, says, please STOP!

Stop right now and put your life into perspective.

Either someone told you that you work too hard (the people who really care about you) or you recognize it for yourself, but the roller coaster you are on . . . you either cannot or will not get off of it. Well, please allow me to talk to you about the road ahead and how the story will end.

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